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Hello all! I stumbled upon this community several days ago and thought I ought to write an intro post.

Until recently, I really wasn't all that interested in clothes or fashion. Middle school through my first few years of uni I pretty much had a personal "uniform" of t-shirts/turtlenecks/jumpers with jeans. In uni I started wearing dressier trousers more often. Last semester I looked in the closet of my pseudoflat** and thought, "Hmm, I brought quite a few skirts with me; I really ought to wear them" . . . so I've been wearing mostly skirts since around Februaryish (and haven't worn jeans at all since then—well, perhaps a *few* times). Since I've started putting more of an effort into dressing myself, I've been attempting to find some sort of style/fashion philosophy/what have you that fit me.

I think this might be it! ^_^

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Theriaca Fina

New Neo-Vic Community on Dreamwidth

Please take a gander at the new Neo-Victorian community on Dreamwidth: neo_victorian.

If you would like to participate in shaping this community as a moderator, or have any questions or concerns, please contact chalepa_ta_kala (nullalux on Dreamwidth).

From our profile page:
Feel free to post regarding neo-Victorian and steampunk fashion, crafts, mods, music, culture, lifestyle, decor, literature, photography, art, events, media, and movies. Links to other communities, shoppes, or blogs of interest are acceptable, as long as they are relevant.

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my friend just informed me of this amazing TV series called Mad Men, which features absolutely gorgeous 60s clothing. I think it would really fit the tweedcore aesthetic, especially those lovely figure-hugging pencil skirts, cashmere sweaters, pillbox hats and one unbelievably beautiful purple velveteen x tartan check dress<3 Check out this suit for instance:

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Intro post

Well, time I guess to put in my intro post.
I just stumbled across this community, and I think you all are rather neat.
I have to first say, I avoid Live Journal like the plague, and have only recently started delving into the mass confusion that runs rampant in this webspace. So please forgive any newbie mistakes I make when posting etc.

I have to say, I love tweed, I love old fashions, and I am a steampunker who unfortunately cannot make anything right now due to strict rules. (Meaning, I'm moving out of the country in 18 months, therefore I'm not allowed to make or buy anything that isn't an absolute necessity since I'll have to ship it over the pond and thats bloody expensive.)

Currently, I live in Colorado Springs, Colorado (USA), and as I noted above I'm moving to the UK in approximately 18 months.

So I look forward to talking more with you guys.
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I came across frockery.co.uk accidentally the other day, and it is full of marvelous garments, many quite suited I think to the tastes and themes of this comm. I don't know if anyone's been on the site before, but the main page states The Frockery online boutique and dress agency specialises in preloved, vintage, retro and recycled fashion that doesn't cost the earth! Why buy new when it's more fashionable, frugal and eco-friendly to go retro?
Most of their stuff seems to be below £20, and the sizes look to average between UK sizes 10-14ish.

After the cut are several links, because it is nice to spread clothes-joy, no? (And maybe someone will buy the things I have my eye on, and thus I shall save money.) I went with green and teal items, because it's also pretty nice to have a theme. :]

internet window shopping.. green @ the frockery!Collapse )

They also have a really great red velvet pillbox hat, that someone really needs to buy and appreciate. D:!

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Hello all - what a lovely community to find.  Seems to have been quiet of late but hope that's because we've all been shocked into silence by the sudden appareance of summer.

So, about me: I'm very much into creative dressing and have been making my own clothes since I was 13 or so.  In previous jobs I have stuck to a 'vampy librarian' style (although my current job doesn't allow for anything beoynd ugly sweatpants and hoodies which is driving me crazy)  with vintage 60's tweed suits, pearls and neat heels.  Outside of work I err towards the Victoriana steampunk end of goth, which is bascially me trying to make the Universe fit my need for it to have me play a glamourous adventuresses solving riddles and foiling dastardly plans.  I read far too many comics, 19thC literature and love science fiction. 

As the sort of complex clothnig that I love is rarely available in the shops - except the delicious haute couture ones I really can't afford - most of my wardrobe is thrifted secondhand from charity shops and vintage places, or self-made.  I've been customising my own stuff since way before it was fashionable to do so - in fact back then it was seen as something only poor people did, and secondhand was looked down on as slightly desperate.  However, I've never worried about being 'fashionable', perferring to go my own individual way.  I look on clothes as costuming, and indeed, the clothes are sell are under the banner 'clothing for the theatre of everyday life'.

I've never been very good at casual dressing in jeans and tee shirts, let alone the preference for wandering around in one's gym kit that seems so populr these days. I'm much happier in corsets and trailing skirts, in proper fabrics rather than jersey and in adding to my collection of cocktail hats.

It might be a little too historical / Victorian to really fit as tweedcore, but under the cut are some of the fancier things I've made as I can't seem to find any pics of more day to day wear...

Green organza bustle made for the Victorian picnic on the Bluebell Railway:
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I think it's fairly difficult to wear tweedcore in summer, since the weather is so unfriendly. Anyway, here's something I came up for summer.....it's not a colour I usually wear, so any suggestions would be welcome!

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Sparkle Klaus.

Travelling in style - old-fashioned luggage sets my heart a-flutter.

I love luggage.  Not your modern polyester wheely case holdall nonsense, no!  Give me your suitcases, your steamer trunks, your hatboxes, all heavy and impractical and needing an entourage I just don't have in order to carry them onto my private jet cramped seat on the Virgin Voyager to Sheffield.

There's something wonderful about old-fashioned luggage, with leather trims and brass hardwear and maybe some labels from exotic locales.  Maybe it's the evocation of a time when travel was more of a special experience, maybe it's the desire to pack ones favourite clothes in an appropriate and equally tweedcore bag, who knows?

Anyway, here be luggage.  Join me on a voyage of squeeing discovery :D.

Dark Water

Photographic nonsense.

So a while back, I was going through my harddrive when I remembered I had this photoshoot tucked away in a clothing inspiration folder. It's a series featuring Robert Pattinson, aka Cedric Diggory from the Harry Potter movies, who I think is the quintessential yah. It's not the newest shoot, but I think they do a good job of capturing the whole "public school/country" look for guys (and after looking at these, I think I need a striped blazer).

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Also, while we were in Harvey Nic's during a sales shopping spree (brown moleskin trousers from Brooks Brothers for £17! Royal blue silk fleur de lys shirt for £25!) kvlt_kitty and I were checking out the MAC display and agreed that there's a lot of tweedcore in the Originals ad campaign.

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Yeah, I've been meaning to post these for ages, but I keep getting distracted by giant robots. :(